• En samlingsplats för svensk life science

    Science for Life Laboratory är samlingsplatsen för den nationella forskningsinfrastrukturen runt Life Science...

  • +22% nya användare till Cool Company

    Cool Company banar vägen för ett nytt flexibelt arbetssätt där individer kan jobba med det de vill, på sina egna villkor.

  • En digital plattform för Sveriges ledande demokratifestival

    Accomplice har tillsammans med Järveckan - ett av sveriges ledande demokratievenemang, lanserat en ny hemsida och bokningssystem.

  • A new look for global catastrophic risks

    Global Challenges Foundation was founded in 2012 by financial analyst Laszlo Szombatfalvy with the sole purpose to prevent and...

  • Quantifying the power of music

    Sonos wanted to highlight the availability of Apple Music on Sonos smart speakers, a perfect opportunity to also prove the value of listening out loud.

  • Pushing the envelope on mobile photography with Adobe

    Adobe wanted to introduce the creative power of their photo editing tools to a new mobile first audience.

  • Promoting diverse and inclusive cities

    NCC, one of Northern Europes leading construction companies, launched the inclusive city initiative to spread awareness of the growing gaps in the Nordic capitals. We created a destination for this campaign on that serves to educate and push the agenda for better, more diverse and inclusive cities.