Pushing the envelope on mobile photography with Adobe

Adobe wanted to introduce the creative power of their photo editing tools to a new mobile first audience. We created a campaign and digital platform where photographers could learn and challenge themselves by interacting with other photographers, Exhibition Stockholm.

Average game time per user

2hrs 9 min

Amount of players

4 099

Likes, mentions, comments

30 000

The world’s first photo challenge in augmented reality

54 secret locations or photo spots as we called them were chosen throughout Stockholm. They could only be found through an alternate augmented reality world accessed through the mobile web app. At each geographically fenced spot, photographers could upload photos and battle to see who took the best picture there.

Getting users hooked

One of the big challenges we identified was to keep users coming back without having the ability to push notifications to their phones – a drawback of developing web only. To fight this we spent a lot of time creating positive user feedback for all user interactions; voting, finding a photo spot, uploading a photo, exhibiting a photo at a photo spot and so on.
to the right.

“Highly addictive”

– 99mac

Making better photographers

Besides the big picture of letting photographers learn by seeing how others approach a similar location, they were given classic tips on photography such as lighting, exposure and how to best make use of Adobe’s mobile editing tools.


All uploaded images were subject to a machine learning image analysis, giving us data on what images contained. This data paired with voting data let us give users insights on popular motifs, common photo subjects and things people didnt like to see in photos.

Augmented reality Exhibition in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm


At the end of the 6 week campaign period the best photos from around the city were showcased in an augmented reality exhibition in central Stockholm.

“Like Pokemon go for photo-nerds”

– emmykindstrand

”Our goal was to inspire mobile photographers to take their creativity to the next level using Adobe Lightroom mobile. Accomplice’s creative and technological know-how delivered a campaign that exceeded our expectations.”

Anna Rose, Marketing manager Adobe

See the winning photographs