Promoting diverse and inclusive cities

NCC, one of Northern Europes leading construction companies, launched the inclusive city initiative to spread awareness of the growing gaps in the Nordic capitals. We created a destination for this campaign on that serves to educate and push the agenda for better, more diverse and inclusive cities.

A survey by consumer insights agency United Minds served as foundation for the report and underlying dataset. It contained over 60 questions that could be broken down into over 8,000 different graphs, that could be visualised in one of five ways and compared to other cities.

The bigger insights gathered from the study were presented together with illustrations of playful line shapes in tints of NCC’s blue.

We settled for a modern take on a classic editorial layout, utilizing NCC’s Futura and Century versions to theme different sections of the report. Images were set in black and white, with headline images as moving mp4’s, contrasting the classic aesthetic of a black and white photo while also making NCC’s profile colors pop, contributing to the modern, clean aesthetic.